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C-store and gas station consultant

“In need of a Gas Station Consultant and Expert Witness?

 We specialize in delivering exceptional expert witness testimony and consulting services nationwide.

Our extensive range of expertise covers a wide array of areas, including:

1. Forensic case study and discovery

2. Litigation and eviction cases, encompassing lender and borrower disputes

3. Tenant and landlord disputes

4. Oil company and operator disputes

5. Fuel supply contract disputes involving oil companies and related entities

6. Cases involving the right of first refusal (ROFR or RFR)

Furthermore, our specialized services extend to various specific areas, such as:

1. PMPA litigation cases concerning termination or non-renewal

2. Disputes arising from management and operations

3. Partnership income and expenses disputes

4. Consumer protection cases

5. Cases involving skimming and fraudulent credit cards

6. ABC – Liquor and Alcoholic Beverage Control and licensing cases

7. Disputes concerning maintenance procedures

8. Employee and employer disputes

9. Financial disputes relating to income and expenses

10. Construction disputes, building and safety issues, design and drawing cases

11. Supply and demand disputes

12. Cases involving boycotts, gas out, and spurning

13. Incidents of gas station explosions and refueling fires

14. Cases addressing safety concerns and incidents at gas stations and convenience stores

15. Gas pump, weight, and measure disputes 16. Calibration and irregularity disputes

16. Cases involving commingling, breach of trust, piercing the corporate veil, and fiduciary matters

17. Slip and fall cases

18. Cases involving gasoline and diesel burns

19. Cases of vapor inhalation scorching

20. Disputes regarding faulty nozzle triggers

21. Assault cases

22. Vehicle collisions within gas station premises

23. Fire-related cases

24. Matters relating to foreseeable harm

25. Negligence, duty of care, and foreseeability in gas stations, carwashes, and convenience stores

26. Cases involving malfunctioning units, equipment, and components

27. Disputes concerning product liability

28. Expert witness advice on environmental matters, including underground UST system issues, site assessment, valuation, recovery, and Phase I, Phase II, and related matters

29. Compliance matters pertaining to Fire Department, Health Department, OSHA, Weight and Measure, Air Quality District Management, and other regulatory agencies.

Our firm possesses the comprehensive expertise needed to guide you through these intricate matters, providing invaluable insights to strengthen your case effectively. For a complimentary initial case please contact us today:

Office: (800)775-8969 Ext. 1

Petroleum & C-Store Management Group®

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