The Key to Success Is Vision

With Flexible and Dependable Services for Your Convenience Store, Gas Station and Car Wash

At Petroleum and C-store Management Group we offer a variety of services. From management services, receivership services, expert witness services, consultation services, to merchandising services; our firm is your one-stop for all your petroleum and convenience store needs.

Since the value of the station suffers a decrease of 50-60% once it stops operating, our services will save the gas station and car wash value by keeping the station in full operating mode so that it can preserve its highest market price which will benefit banks, lenders and private investors.

Total improvements of the entire facility will be performed to make sure that the facilities are carrying their upper scale image. Our services will also save you money by keeping and preserving the permits and licenses secured. Long term or short term contracts! Image and customer satisfaction is our primary goal!

Discover Our Top Services

  • Highly skilled ground team of our managers, cashiers and customer service representatives are trained in our high-performance training facilities and are available 24/7 to be mobilized and to respond to any service call.
  • Experts in cash registers such as: Gilbarco, Nucleus, Passport, Ruby and Sapphire Systems.
  • All new employees are pre-screened and are fully trained to meet the highest expectations within your industry.
  • All employees will be trained to comply by AQMD, OSHA, Health Department, Fire Department, Department of Public Work and many other federal and state agencies regulations.
  • Full inventory
  • Vendors and purchasing coordination
  • Payroll management
  • Cash management, including deposits by armored services
  • Branding and de-branding
  • Coordination with regulating agencies
  • Accounting
  • Design, engineering, permitting and remodeling services

We are committed to protecting and improving the value of the subject property and/or
business, at the lowest possible cost, while disputes are resolved and justice is served.

Once we are appointed to the case, we take control of the operation and analyze how it is
being run and conduct a complete inventory of the assets. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the value of the business. Regardless of the status of the case, as appointed receivers, we will give our client peace of mind and guarantee that the subject business will be professionally managed and preserved.

Our receivership services include:

  • Bank receiverships
  • Court receiverships
  • Property Management
  • Strategic Plan Implementation and Management and much more!

Petroleum and C-store Management Group provides expert witness services, litigation support, and forensic investigations in legal matters including lender and borrower cases, tenant and landlord litigations, and oil company supply contract disputes for gas stations, car washes, and convenience stores throughout the United States.

Our expert team of licensed real estate brokers, architects, accountants, attorneys and operation managements are rapidly assigned to investigate each case and provide expert opinion in State and Federal Courts.

Struggling with your gas station, convenience store, or car wash business and not sure how
to run it? Our team of experts at Petroleum and C-store Management Group are here to help you!

What we bring to the plate:

  • Years of management and operation expertise
  • Guidance from experienced managers, professionals and business owners
  • Real-world perspectives
  • Proven solutions
  • Lasting results
  • New and creative ideas to find new sales, to cut costs and to improve productivity and efficiency
  • We take an active role and make hard-hitting decisions for you

Let us ease your headaches and guide your business towards success today!

We are committed to helping build our retail partners’ businesses with the most complete
package of services and solutions in the 48 states. From outstanding in-store merchandising through state-of-the-art reporting systems, we have what it takes to take the retail performance to the next level.

Our goal is to consistently serve as a leading, dynamic retail service company, focused on our clients’ diversified needs. Our company-wide commitment to growth, technology, superior reporting, and quality execution move us forward and distinguish us from the competition.

We excel at the many interconnected elements that support our retail partners’ objectives and we maximize consumer sales.

What we do:

  • In-store merchandising
  • Stocking
  • Product rotations
  • Seasonal support and much more!

Buying, Selling or Need Management for Your Gas Station, Convenience Store or Car Wash? Petroleum & C-Store Management Group Can Help: