Merchandising Direct Store Delivery

Petroleum and C-Store Management Group offers our partners the extensive range of benefits derived from the DSD business process. We handle all product details and logistics – order, warehouse, distribute, stock, merchandise, and return – as well as manage the financial responsibilities.

  • DSD Consultation

    We are always available to meet one-on-one with our customers and to provide the information and advice they need to make the best business decisions for their companies.

  • Product Brokerage/Distribution

    Petroleum Merchandising has longstanding working relationships in the retail industry to help place quality products in major chains for widespread distribution and potentially advantageous DSD arrangements.

  • Auto Replenishment Programs

    Petroleum and C-Store Management Group has highly efficient, automatic product reorder systems, based on data gathered electronically at point of sale. Daily sales are tracked via UPC scans and processed each evening, so reorders are generated automatically to keep shelves well stocked.

  • Inventory Tracking Services

    Tracking inventory diligently is a must for every retailer. Our team employs the latest hand-held, product scanning technology to systematically collect current inventory information at the store level and instantly transmit the data for processing and action.

  • Mystery Shopper Programs

    Through our mystery shopper program, we provides our retail partners true competitive advantage with a powerful tool for evaluating the operations, employee, and customer aspects of their businesses. Our trained “mystery shoppers” deliver high-quality data that can be compiled and reported back to retailers quickly, giving them invaluable insights into the daily workings of their stores, winning practices, and key areas for improvement.

  • Price Auditing & Promotional Strategies

    Knowledge is power. With our wide network of personnel on the ground in many regions, Mercury provides retailers with that power in the form of valuable market intelligence: competitive chain retail pricing strategies; promotional pricing strategies in non-traditional COT retail categories; comprehensive retail strategy reviews of competitors; and more.

Buying, Selling or Need Management for Your Gas Station, Convenience Store or Car Wash? Petroleum & C-Store Management Group Can Help: