Merchandising Surveys, Research & Auditing

Our merchandising provides the most complete combination of survey services to supply retailers with the critical knowledge they need for peak performance in their stores. We provide valuable assessments relating to anything in-store in real time, so that response to the information can be timely and effective.

  • Market Research/Demographic Studies

    “Knowing the customer” and “knowing the market” are basic tenets of every successful marketing endeavor. Petroleum Merchandising is experienced at collecting and analyzing customer demographics to define who the customers are, what they are buying, and what influences their purchasing decisions. Our comprehensive reporting allows retailers to create customer profiles that are accurate and actionable as well as identify important product trends.

  • Customized Retailer Audits

    Different retailers have different needs when it comes to information. One may need to know how a particular promotion is working, another may want precise information about in-store traffic flow. Whatever the need, Petroleum and C-Store Management Group captures and delivers the essential data that helps retailers enhance their businesses.

  • Rotating Product Merchandise

    Efficient product rotation practice leads to less returned or discarded product for the retailer and a greater likelihood of overall profit. Our merchandisers are trained to be diligent in stock rotation during in-store visits so that more product is sold on time and moves off the shelf as new product comes in.

  • Inventory Tracking Services

    Tracking inventory diligently is a must for every retailer. Our team employs the latest hand-held, product scanning technology to systematically collect current inventory information at the store level and instantly transmit the data for processing and action.

  • Mystery Shopper Programs

    Through our mystery shopper program, we provides our retail partners true competitive advantage with a powerful tool for evaluating the operations, employee, and customer aspects of their businesses. Our trained “mystery shoppers” deliver high-quality data that can be compiled and reported back to retailers quickly, giving them invaluable insights into the daily workings of their stores, winning practices, and key areas for improvement.

  • Price Auditing & Promotional Strategies

    Knowledge is power. With our wide network of personnel on the ground in many regions, Mercury provides retailers with that power in the form of valuable market intelligence: competitive chain retail pricing strategies; promotional pricing strategies in non-traditional COT retail categories; comprehensive retail strategy reviews of competitors; and more.

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